Burglar & Fire Alarms Installations in Hinckley

Working in the Hinckley area, we at East Midlands Security and Fire provide design, installation and maintenance services to domestic and commercial clients. With many years of hands-on experience, we can repair, upgrade or maintain any brand of burglar alarm.

Intrusion Alarms – for your peace of mind.

Both commercial and domestic buildings in the Hinckley region should ideally be fitted with a burglar alarm. These installed systems work as a deterrent, helping to minimise intrusions. To provide the best security for our clients, we install industry standard high-quality wireless alarm systems. These intruder alarms are installed by our experienced local engineers, who can configure your chosen system to suit your set-up needs.

CCTV – the visible deterrent.

Visible deterrents are a large component of intrusion prevention systems. CCTV cameras are the most visible part of any system. Our experienced engineers are knowledgeable about the range of CCTV systems and their components. Whether highly visible, or discreet concealed cameras, we can plan the best layout for your commercial or domestic premises. The high-quality CCTV systems that are currently available, produce high-definition images, suitable for future use if necessary.

Access Control – so you know who is entering.

During business hours, or when you are at home, deciding who can enter is important. We can supply audio and video door entry controls and keypad access solutions for your doors and gates. Our components use vandal proof technology, which is industry compliant with European and British standards. These access controls make it easy to screen guests when they desire entry.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms – because early warning saves lives.

Danger can sometimes be found within a residence or business building: The risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning is often present. At East Midlands Security and Fire, we can fit smoke and heat detection equipment. Whether fitted as stand-alone devices or combined with the smoke detectors, our carbon monoxide sensors can warn of this invisible killer. When linked to the burglar alarm panel, any intrusion or incendiary events will cause the keyholder to be advised of the situation.

We are fully insured and offer a cost-effective solution for your business or home’s protection needs. Contact us for a free consultation from our skilled technicians.

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