Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Smart Alarm Installation From £549

The Pyronix Enforcer won the security excellence award for 2018 after being considered by far the best wireless equipment on the market today. 

It comes with many benefits but one of our favourites is that it allows our clients to control and monitor their wireless alarm system at any time no matter where they are.

It comes with the ProControl+ App for unlimited devices, which provides users with total control over their properties. ProControl+ can be used for standalone security or video systems, as well as fully integrated solutions, utilising the Enforcer or EURO 46 control panels, with the entire range of Pyronix Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras as well as any Hikvision video device.

You can opt to receive voice push notifications on your smart device that will inform you of any suspicious activity. Thus, if there is any activity on the system, you will be alerted in time so you can take the appropriate action. Furthermore, it will provide you with sensor details so you always know what is going on.

At East Midlands Security & Fire we provide expert installations of this sophisticated burglar alarm and customise it to fully meet your security system needs. 


Pyronix Enforcer Installation & Set Up From £549

Installation and set up of the award-winning Pyronix Enforcer wireless smart alarm with full remote monitoring capabilities include:

  • 1x Pyronix Enforcer control panel/keypad.
  • 1x Pyronix wireless door contact.
  • 4x Pyronix wireless movement detectors (pet tolerant as standard).
  • 1x Pyronix external live bell box (fitted to the front of the property).
  • 1x Pyronix decoy bell box (fitted to the rear of the property)

To benefit from complete home and business security provided by the Pyronix Enforcer, book a free consultation, or give us a call on 01455 698 964.

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